About Us

About Us

So far, the majority of Hepatitis B patients or carriers are Chinese ethnic. However, there are still a lot of people of not know much about the virus, how it is transmitted, what the infection is, how to care, impact to daily life style and social life. All these questions are closely linked to the entire Chinese community and deserve their attention.

The Chinese Hepatitis B Peer Support Group was initiated by one of the staff members of the Francis Family Liver Clinic of Toronto Western Hospital, and a group of patients of the Clinic had the same concept with this staff, hence they started to have their first meeting in May of 2007.

The Chinese Hepatitis B Peer Support Group moved from Toronto Western Hospital to Toronto General Hospital by the end of 2016 and will continue to commit to their mission, aiming to have all Hepatitis B patients in Greater Toronto and surrounding areas will have the best care not only from their own medical teams, but also have the support from the community, have more people get to know the correct knowledge of Hepatitis B, eliminate general public’s myth and fear about the virus, hence all Hepatitis B sufferers can have their normal social lives, and have a bright future with their families.

Chinese Hepatitis B Mutual Aid Group

Committee members


Joe Ip


Flora Ken

Committee member

Andrew Luk

Christine Lam

Colina Yim

David Cheung

Henry Choi

Lucy Zhang

Raymond Wong

Susan Wong

Yung-Wo Jao


Dr. David Wong ( Hepatologist, Toronto General Hospital )

Colina Yim ( Nurse Practitioner, Toronto General Hospital )


Lucy Zhang ( Education Coordinator, Toronto General Hospital )

Tai Chi Class Instructor

David Cheung

Henry Choi

Website administrator

Allan Chan

Lucy Zhang

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